Commercial Cleaning Provides:

*Dust & wipe (office tables, hanging picture frames, mini-blinds, countertops, light switches, office    phones,  accessible windowsills, baseboards, chair rails and ceiling fans.)


*Vacuum (carpets, mats and stairways)


*Floors (sweep, mop) 


*Interior and exterior (glass entrance doorway, inside mirrors)


 *Sanitize (bathroom toilets, countertops, sinks & kitchen area)


*Appliances (clean outside only) Cleaning inside appliance is extra.


*Trash (remove and dump)


*Refill (soap and paper dispensers)


*Strip, wax & buff floors        separate price from proposal (commercial building only)

*Carpet cleaning                   separate price from proposal (commercial building only)

*Exterior windows cleaning   separate price from proposal  (commercial building only)




Residential Provides: All bedrooms, living room, kitchen and den


*Dust and wipe (ceiling fans, lamps, chair rails, baseboards and furniture.  wipe off cobwebs)


*Vacuum (all carpets, mats and stairways)


*Sweep and mop  (all floors)


*Wipe glass, Mirrors & Window sills  ( window cleaning interior and accessible only- extra fee)


*Trash (remove and dump) 


*Sanitize & Deodorize (bathroom sinks, toilets and countertops)


*Kitchen: clean countertops, outside cabinets and appliances (range top and refrigerator). scrub sinks  and sanitize.


(Cleaning the inside of refrigerator, oven, microwave and cabinets cost extra) 

Extra fee for homes, condos, trailer park homes, apartment & town house that exceeds 1,900 sq. ft.

Basic Residential cleaning:  

Bathroom (limited 2 bathroom additional bathroom extra cost) Scrub toilet~wipe & sanitize sink, countertop.

Wipe mirrors~Mop & sweep floors~Throw out bathroom trash.

Kitchen Clean & sanitize sink, countertop and out side appliances~Sweep & mop floors~Throw out kitchen trash.

Rooms Vacuum all carpet floors 

New construction cleaning:


*Whole House

 Heavy duty dusting on baseboards, chair rails, ceiling fans, light fixtures,  all wood floors and tiles.



Clean mirrors, sinks, shower, bath tubs, and toilets. Remove all labels. Polish and shine all countertops.  Dust off walls.


*Kitchen area

Clean and dust off inside Cabinets, drawers, countertops, outside appliances, sinks and cabinet facings.  Polish and shine all glass and sinks.



Take off all labels, vacuum window tracks.  Dust off all window frames.



Mop all bare floors 



Vacuum all carpets 


7 days a week, 24 hour service provided:


*Animal waste clean up and removal

 Clean & remove animal waste (dropping & vomit) from Dogs, cats, birds, bats, raccoons, possums,  squirrels, rats and  mice.  Rat & roach cleaning specialist.


*Sewage clean up and removal

 Sanitize, clean and remove indoor or outdoor sewage contamination.  Commercial or  Residential(basement, attic and crawl spaces).   Remove crawl space moisture barrier

 extract contaminated sewage, dig contamination, treat crawl space soil, lime and

 replace moisture barrier. 


*Storm water clean up

Drain/treat storm water waste from crawl space & basement. Commercial or 



*Attic cleaning/ decontamination 

Remove animal waste (dead animal, contaminated insulation and dropping) dispose,

seal and decontaminate.


*Unsanitary Dwelling clean outs

 Trash accumulation, rotten foods, hoarding, pack rat clean up.

 Clutter to gross filth.  It will be remove and dispose, sanitize and order control.


*Post mortem trauma and crime scene clean up.

 Unattended death, blood related waste cleaning.

 suicides,homicides and accidental death.  will clean bio-hazardous materials and decontaminate in  apartments, condos, houses, commercial building, garage, storage unit, motels, hotels and cars.  No  matter were it is.  MAP will clean and sanitize it properly.